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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

Top rated - Tal Handaq 60s (1960 - 1969)
Aerial view mid-60s417 viewsCompare with the layout plan HERE

The corrugated-roofs were Romney huts (not Nissen huts except no.3 on the coloured plan, bottom left, which was).
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David Michael Gerrard 1946-2016 (aka Prefect)1757 viewsMy very very sad task to report David's passing on Sunday 17 January. THN Webmaster, Scholar, Sea Captain, Falklands Veteran, Friend and all round Good Bloke, he has gone to stand at the back of the big Assembly in the sky (or is it Detention?). Sahha xbien.

Dave seen here in his role as honorary member of TH ladies-who-lunch (Exeter) club, Sept 2015.

Funeral to take place at 3pm Tuesday 2nd Feb, Weston Mill Crematorium, Plymouth PL2 2EP (easy access from A38).

Please feel free to write tributes below, they can be printed out for the day.
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Aerial plan mid-60s322 viewsNorth is right

Compare view HERE

Key : 1. Block 11 - Dining Hall & Galley
2. Block 11 - 6th form
3. Old Music Room / Careers Room / sometime L6th common room
4. Block 12 Classrooms
5. Block 12 Classrooms
6. Language Lab
7. Caretaker's Store
8. Tuck Shop
9. Science Block (13)
10. Block 1 Classrooms & Biology Lab
11. Block 2 Classrooms
12. Incinerator
13. Classrooms? (Possibly toilets but wrong colour)
14. Block 3 Classrooms
15. Block 4 Classrooms
16. Block 5 Classrooms
17. Block 6 Classrooms & Metalwork / Tech Drawing
18. Block 14 Classrooms & Shorthand / Typing
19. Boys’ Toilets
20. Block 15 Classrooms
21. Library
22. Block 16 Classrooms
23. Girls’ Toilets & Showers
24. Hall
25. Boiler Room
26. New Music Room
27. Gymnasium & Showers
28. Netball / Tennis Court
29. Woodwork Block (7)
30. Groundsmen's Store
31. The "Field"
32. Art Block (8)
33. Art & Craft Block (9)
34. Block 10 Classrooms
35. Admin Block
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The Pit, entrance tunnel437 viewsAfter attempts in 2013 and 2017 and again last week (October 2019) I still can’t get full access to The Pit. Nice people running the military bookshop, but won’t allow me to go down as they have lots of artefacts stored there pending refurbishment to make a museum. However at least I got further than last time. The sloping tunnel remains very familiar, although the steps and smooth concrete sidewalks were not there when we opened the place in summer 1965.1 commentsIvan55555
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Prefects 2 early 66850 viewsLtoR Smiley Jamieson Tiny Knapman Mick Gillham Helen Rourke rest ???1 commentsRichard Knapman55555
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The Students903 viewsat the Dockyard Club Summer 1961
- Robin Bowes, Bob Satterley, Ned Reubens, Rog Wilkin
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Adrian Worley 1952-20041661 viewsTaken at the Farnborough reunion 1999. Adrian took his own life in Jan 2004 after a long history of health problems, which were not helped by his service in Bosnia.2 commentsMartin Powell55555
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Lifesavers at Kalafrana 19611911 viewsTony Graham2 commentsPrefect55555
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From the archives - 50 years on.309 viewsThe name of the school was changed from RNS TH to SCS TH in 1969 (Service Children's School), though it continued to be administered by the Royal Navy. All other service schools in Malta then came under the remit of the RN, Captain HC Malkin (Headmaster 1966 - 1970) being appointed the first OiC Service Schools, Malta & Naples.

Photo : Evan Potts
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Kathy - Pauline - Jill1136 viewsThey havn't changed a bit!Prefect55555
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Wendy Battleday 1952-20211021 viewsMuch missed2 commentsNelle Grace (Lucas)55555
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Mellieha Beach in Winter964 viewsPaul Lovell
Black jeans were compulsory.
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Posing outside the Sliema Cafe1171 views2 commentsronthecoolone44444
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Sandy and Jane . Golden Bay 641332 viewsHappy Summers!
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John Nicholas 19621009 viewsWith Sandy & Mum in the green Anglia 303542 commentsPrefect44444
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The Pentagon915 viewsKeith Lucas (Lead Guitar) later of Kilburn & the High Roads (Ian Dury) and still gigging with 999 + singer Fred Tagliaferro who actually lives just up the road from me but I very rarely see him.5 commentsronthecoolone44444
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Pat Cooper 19642407 viewsPrefect44444
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Monitors 19603480 views1 commentsPrefect44444
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Brendan Breslin (1959 - 1964)1004 viewsFrom the Web.Prefect44444
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Kalafrana Swimming Gala c19681486 viewsJanice BakerPrefect44444
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John Day, Kalafrana Summer 19611294 viewsBlue sea, sky etc. Why did we come home to rain?4 commentsdeco.rise33333
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Lifeboat Drill; Dunera Cruise 19671554 viewsI am sure that this was the Dunera cruise of early 1967. I was in 3B at the time and this is a scan (took a while to get it down to 250kb!) of a picture that appeared in the Times of Malta.
I cannot name a soul, (apart from me of course! Front row,4 along with head at jaunty angle, book in hand and OMG turn ups!) So if anyone can fill in those names: go for it!
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Scouts, Guides & Sea Rangers 19611063 viewsPrefect33333
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Swimming Gala943 viewsSt Vincent were always the bestRichard Knapman33333
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Hanging about.988 viewsMalcolm Trigg, Paul Lovell, Dave Smith, Dave Gerrard, John Parker.
Photo by Alan Tapp.
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Balluta Rocks 19621256 viewsPrefect33333
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New Year Party 1960973 viewsHarry Greig3 commentsPrefect33333
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Going Ashore1072 views"Educational" cruise to Istanbul, 1966, in Devonia, formerly the troopship Devonshire.5 commentsPrefect33333
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Lunchtime Footie in the Tennis Courts - circa 1966/67855 viewsFrom L to R - Steve Brewster, Ron Leeman, ?, Tony Stackpoole, ? Johnny Hart, ? ronthecoolone33333
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Sliema Cafe Crowd - 1966-67888 viewsDugmore33333
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Lesley Powell - Prize Day 1963914 viewsMartin PowellPrefect33333
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Sliema Cafe Crowd1234 viewsRon Leeman, Lee Barraby, Kay Carberry, Tony Stackpoole, Stu Kirkwood, John Nicholas, Johnny Hart, Ian McGuire. 1 commentsronthecoolone22222
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