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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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HMS Layburn ©875 viewsFrom 1969 - 1973, the last RN ship at Malta. Replaced by RMAS Garganey.
©Chris Howell Collection.
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The Torpedo Depot, Msida Creek918 viewsOriginally built in 1855 as the P&O Coal Stores, the Depot closed in 1964 having looked after the sweepers in its final years.Prefect55555
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Ark in GH218 viewsHMS Ark Royal with Fairey Gannet taking off and SS Freshpring or Freshspray alongside delivering water, November 1960.admin55555
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RAF Luqa 1948666 views2 commentsPrefect55555
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HMS Blackpool 1966581 viewsPrefect55555
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HMS Victorious 1966724 viewsPrefect55555
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A Message from the Harriers679 viewsTo the instigators of the SDSR.
(Nothing to do with Malta and sorry about the apalling lapse of standards, but I couldn't resist it. Thank you Spike.)
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HMS Liverpool 1950 ©571 viewsThe Vice Admiral commanding the 15th Cruiser Squadron, his wife and HRH The Duchess of Edinburgh.
Andrew Blake
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HMS Mediator829 viewsRescue Tug operated out of Malta with mainly Maltese Crew.
Bustler Class. Built 1944, sold 1964.
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HMS Devonshire 1974686 views©Chris Howell CollectionPrefect55555
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USS John F Kennedy954 views20041 commentsPrefect55555
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CCY Tweedie-Walker472 viewsHi Folks,
Anyone remember my dad in Malta in the 50s and then the 60s. 25 plus years service full time in the RN then after RNR. CCY Russell Manley Tweedie-Walker. Still have Pewter mug 1971 St Angelo Snrs mess I presume leaving present. I was at school in Malta from 67-70 don't remember where as all photos paper work etc lost during a flood in Scotland. My father crossed the line before I got to ask him many questions. But proud of him as all service personnel that dedicated life to Queen and country. I remember only doing swimming in rock pool for certificate, with sea urchins etc and prunes,warm milk.recorder and guitar lessons. I was 6 yrs old at the time in malta and remember being upset at not going to RN school but mixed school. Remember the pastor with the adams apple though.
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John Attard481 viewsIn attendance on HMS Trafalgar.
Over the years he served many ships including HMS Chequers in 1949. (Also seen at right here.) If anyone has the photo of his dghajsa with Royal passengers, please contact his grandson Keith Attard at ktyson12@hotmail.com
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St Angelo 1967553 viewsFort St AngeloMartin Powell55555
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Ancient 1948495 viewsBuilt 1915 as Veteran. Renamed 1918. Based Malta until sold in 1953.Prefect55555
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HMS / HMT Brigand765 viewsRescue Tug operating out of Malta with mainly Maltese Crew.
Built 1937. Paid off 1960 after 22 years Med service.

War service HERE
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Diving School 1956 - 57817 viewsHMS Phoenicia, Manoel Island.3 commentsPrefect55555
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Destroyers in Sliema Creek1042 viewsRMA Mess on Tigne Street, foreground. LSTs far right.
7th Destroyer Sqn. Probably 1962. HMS Trafalgar, Dunkirk, Jutland, Aisne or Corunna?, Broadsword and Scorpion.
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Light Jackstay Transfer753 viewsBetween Stubbington and Shavington
Weekend trip to Sicily. June 1960.
Alan Walker
The Light Jackstay using fibre ropes and lots of manpower was tested for loads of 500 Lbs.
The Heavy Jackstay with steel wire ropes and auto-tension winches could manage loads up to 2 Tons.
Not a lot of people know that - or probably want to!
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The Ark743 viewsProcedure Alfa1 commentsPrefect44444
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Msida Creek 1962942 viewsNarvik with the subs, several Ton class, and Ausonia far left.1 commentsPrefect44444
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Kalafrana & Hal Far 1958513 viewsPrefect44444
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HMAFV Bridport 1955691 viewsIn 1946 the RAF took over two Bangor class Minesweepers, HMS Bridport and Bridlington, they became H.M.A.F.V's,[Her Majesty's Airforce Vessel's]. These vessels were operated,home and overseas on long range weapons and sonar bouy recovery amongst other duties, until 1958 when both were scrapped. Prefect44444
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HMS London 1947770 viewsAndrew Blake2 commentsPrefect44444
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SGTS MESS CHRISTMAS PARTY. ROYAL SIGNALS507 viewsProbably taken at Sgts mess in Floriana. Anybody you recognise ?!1 commentstedhebden44444
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Malta Story 1953420 viewsPrefect44444
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St Andrew's Barracks492 viewsEducation CentrePrefect44444
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King's Birthday Parade 1951519 viewsPrefect44444
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RAF Siggiewi740 viewsComms relay stationPrefect44444
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New book coming soon463 viewsUXB Malta
Royal Engineers
Bomb Disposal 1940-44
S.A.M. Hudson

To be published 17th May 2010, at £20 Hardback. The first book to reveal what it was like to work in Army bomb disposal in the most bombed place on Earth.
The History Press
The Mill, Brimscombe Port, Stroud, Glos GL5 2QG
Tel +44(0)1453 883300 Fax +44(0)1453 883233
(Another scoop for TH Nostalgia!)
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The Fleet's in ©919 viewsSummer 1960 - but where? Sliema Creek perhaps?4 commentsJohn Kirby44444
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Hal Far545 viewsPrefect44444
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