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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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Who Are They? 19661286 views4 commentsBrian Gunns
Swimming Sports 21285 viewsLesley Cole7 commentsPrefect
Another one from the Alfriston Reunion Easter 19631284 viewsBack Row: Mike Hay, Ned Reubens, Bob Satterley, Jim McDermott, Rog Wilkin
Centre Row: Carol Mathews, Jean Miles, Linda Knapp, Ann Sladden
Horizontal Row: Robin Bowes
Myself with Liz Hooley1281 views + another on the wall outside the tuck shop who I can't remember. Identify yourself!2 commentsronthecoolone
Tigullio Night Club 19741275 viewsSue Dearlove, Helen , HowardHelmal
David Painter, Dale White, Warren Dew, Matthew Lee1274 views1977Prefect
John & Clare, Kalafrana Summer 19611273 viewsJohn Day & Clare Hollister. She left Malta on SS Orcades 19th July 1962. Where are you now Clare?
1 commentsdeco.rise
Tigne School, Malta, Mon 7th Aug 1989 ©1267 views4 commentsDavid Robinson
Party Time 19601265 viewsDavid Graham
Me standing on the extreme right, with Chris Gibbins on my right, Mike Hay, then Chris Cansfield. Two of the girls standing - Val Simmonds and Sally Raisen (spelling?).
1 commentsPrefect
Sliema Cafe Crowd1263 viewsRon Leeman, Lee Barraby, Kay Carberry, Tony Stackpoole, Stu Kirkwood, John Nicholas, Johnny Hart, Ian McGuire. 1 commentsronthecoolone
Margaret Polkinghorne's 15th birthday party1260 viewsMore names needed.5 commentsSheila Evans
Sandra English at Delimara mid 60s1257 viewsjane banks
Swimming Sports Day1249 viewsRobb Lido, St Georges Bay 1960sPrefect
Devonia1243 viewsHere is a Devonia 1966 slide, though I'm not sure where
(Probably Rhodes).
10 commentsPrefect
Former RN Camerata Barracks, Valletta.1243 views3 commentsPrefect
this is me age around 11 - CHRIS FAUX1239 viewsthis was taken around the time i was in malta5 commentscfaux
On The Roof1234 viewsBack row: Susan Cronin, Allison Bigden, Jennifer Cairns, Judith Newton, Carol Randall
Front row: Jane Henderson, Melanie Lusty, Jane Carver, Chris Bracey
On the roof at Tal Handaq not sure which year - 1962 or 1963?
1233 viewsMargaret Macdougal, Ann Dennison, Brian Jackson, Allison Bigden, Moya Graham. I think at Delimara.1 commentsabigden
Chief Scout signs sea scout's autograph book on TS Egmont1230 viewsjknight
Scouts marching past the Palace1225 viewsMalcolm ShyklesPrefect
The Bursar's Farewell 1977/81224 viewsSue DovePrefect
Tal Handaq in its prime1219 viewsAs a change from those awful bulldozer shots.
Anyone guess the date? From the trees and gardens, it seems to be after my time.
3 commentsPrefect
Ron Leeman - Shot Putt - 1965? 1218 views1 commentsronthecoolone
5AG Christmas Party 19601217 viewsDavid Graham
Me on the extreme right,with John Melton in front (saw him last week). ? on my right, then Mike Shears, Mike Milne bending over. Susan Masters, Penny Woolcombe, Rosie (Fluff) Andrews in the white on the right. Chris Gibbins on the extreme left, with Mr Gallagher hidden to Chris's left.
3 commentsPrefect
3AG 19581217 views Bernard Goatley (rear left), Christopher Ruoff (leaning on the doorpost), Brian Fuller ( light shorts and dark pullover), Keith Tayton (spectacled).
Photo - Steve Martin via this site.
Names from Brian Fuller who also remembers other class members being - Kathleen Spilsbury, Deirdre Pike, Glenys Metherell, Graham Cake, Robert Smith, John Merriman, Bruce Love, Terence Whitter, Richard Dowling, Peter Franks, Anthony Mullen.
Keith Tayton remembers all the others and was able to recite the class register at the last Reunion in Bath.

2 commentsPrefect
Posing outside the Sliema Cafe1216 views2 commentsronthecoolone
Prize Winners 19771215 viewsWith Captain Law (OIC Schools) are :- 1A Mark Judd Lucy Reynolds IB William Geddis 1C Lorraine Wood ID Mark Flattery IE Jacqueline Edwards IF Richard Kane 2A Philip Hurley Julie Lewington
2B Mark Warner Jacqueline Merritt 2C Jane Gatenby 2D Jacqueline Glennon 2E Vivian Millar 2F Trevor Lucas 3A Louise Latham 3B Stephen Banks 3C Tracey Hall 3D Keith Le Quesne 3E Josette Vernon 3F Christopher Hills 4J Christopher Sampsor 4K Tracey Kenard 4L Susan Brooke 4M Jane Wright 5J Mark Gatenby Rosangela Mortimer 5K Michael Clark 5L Helen Lewington 6G Boys Matthew Lane, Gerard Tall 6G Girls Beverley Shaw L6 Penelope Davis U6 Anne Dowie Deborah Helliwell L6 David North
Anyone you know?1213 viewsPrefect
Probably 19591210 viewsSue Hills & Tricia Staff at the back.
Front - Pat Glover, Wendy Cox, Dawn Fear, Alexandra Batty, Eileen Beer, Carol Robinson, Pat Woolner , Pauline Green, Valerie Lawrence ....
3 commentsPrefect
HMS Ausonia ©1204 viewsIn the summer of 1960 HMS Ausonia went for her summer cruise and is seen here exchanging salutes passing HMS Phoenicia.
Carol Morrison ©1200 viewsTaking photo of Miss Yule's plaque.
See Plaque.
Outside the Tuck Shop1199 viewsCarol Williams standing on the right. Not sure about the rest.1 commentsmikew
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