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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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Carol Papworth, at Ghajn Tuffieha. March 1961.1015 viewsMarie AllenMarie Allen
Balluta 19621014 viewsPrefect
Postcard Villa Zammit Pietà1013 viewsWith what looks like Villa Guardamangia at the top.Prefect
Postcard - Gzira Creek 1010 viewsLooks like HMS Forth in foreground, can anybody name any more?6 commentsdeco.rise
Jane & Sandy1008 viewsAt "The Jukebox", Balluta, 1962.Prefect
fancy Dress Party '57 (2) signatures1008 viewsMore signatures from the original photo, in case you had forgotten you were there !5 commentsjane banks
HMS Tiger & Lion in Grand Harbour -24 August 19611008 viewsTiger steaming past her sister ship. According to my records this is the first occasion since the "Tiger" class Cruisers were launched that the two of them are seen together in the Med. Date please??4 commentsdeco.rise
Tower Road Swimming team1008 viewsbernardhoctor
RADM Bellamy & Captain Malkin 19671005 viewsInstructor Rear Admiral AJ Bellamy OBE MA, The Director, Naval Education Service, on his visit to Tal Handaq, 17-18 April. Admiral Bellamy was Headmaster of Tal Handaq from 1951 - 1954.5 commentsPrefect
Peter and Charmaine ©1005 viewsWhile doing the midday sun thing last year at Mgarr, we (Grahame Cain & I) came across what looked like a fully rigged luzzu. Being nosy I climbed aboard uninvited for a closer look. Peter emerged from the shade beneath and we spent an hour grilling him (no hat either). When he was fully baked we let him get back to his painting. He writes….(see comments below)….1 commentsMartin Powell
Qui-si-Sana cut-out pools 19601004 viewsHere so healthy.valerie easter/snowdon/
Tal Handaqians in Athens 19661003 viewsThe guys are amazed at a Greek guard in Athens.That is assuming my memory is correct about where this was! I am sure it was during the Devonia cruise of 1966 that included Delphi, Athens, Istanbul and Rhodes. The following year was Crete, Izmir (Ephesus), Lebanon and Haifa, in Dunera. I must dig out the slides I took that year!1 commentsChris Howells
Hockey at Manoel Island1003 viewsThe Girls take on the Commandos.Prefect
1003 viewsComet 2 taking off from RAF Luqajimjoyner1
Wendy Scott c19561003 viewsPeter Evans
Death by Domestic Science1002 viewsFlag Officer Malta is entertained to lunch, 1973.Prefect
Tigne Beach Crowd 1965(?)1001 viewsA mix of Tal Handaqians and 'exiles'Brian Gunns
Sliema 19611000 viewsSally Smith, Jan Stride, Alan Tapp.Prefect
Hello Joe1000 viewsJoe Vincenti at TH, 2nd Oct 2009, on our farewell visit before demolition. It was all still there.4 commentsMartin Powell
Tappy's Farewell to Malta 1961999 viewsCustoms House Steps.Prefect
Tal Handak Guides 1947 -1949999 viewsJohn ClarkPrefect
Rugby at Ta Kali 1958999 viewsJohn Holmes
Back row. Andrew Lyne, Gordon Campbell, Bob Powell,George Whitehouse, Jock Lawrence, dunno, Craig Love has his hands on the shoulders of John Holmes, then its Jack Stubbs, Mike Eyett, Geoff Day, Roger Chandler, Robin Palmer and Bob Blythe. Kneeling I can't name the first two but with his hand on the ball is Bob Trott. Next to him is Roddy Robertson, then Lewis Thomas, Colin Doyle, and finally, Mike Cane.
5 commentsPrefect
Hanging about.998 viewsMalcolm Trigg, Paul Lovell, Dave Smith, Dave Gerrard, John Parker.
Photo by Alan Tapp.
Cathy Stephenson Kalafrana 1973998 viewsA budding model? Taken in July 1973 with my Kodak 25 camera! fifla1973
Sports Day 1970 or 71998 views...or was it AAA meeting?

Cdr Law, Lt Cdr Cottam, Mr Ransom. Mrs Brierley presenting prize to Dorian Church.

Cindy Voiron Church

1 commentsadmin
Distilling Plant - Sliema Ferry - October 2009 ©997 viewsUnder a preservation order? Used to contain a printing press in the 60s, now used as offices. (Not sure I would want to drink water from Sliema Creek even if thrice distilled).22 commentsMartin Powell
The Shepheard Family 1958 - 1961996 views3 commentsPrefect
CCF at St Angelo 1975996 viewsCombined Cadet ForcePrefect
The Band, Oliver! 1973994 viewsJudith Stansfield, Jeff Bonner, Barrie Menhams & Bob Woollams.2 commentshnritchie
Staff 1960992 viewsPrefect
Cubs & Sea Scouts 1946991 viewsHM Dockyard School, Ta'Xbiex, Troop.
Eric Hartley 4th from right, Anthony Clover 4th from left.
1 commentsPrefect
Form 2C/3C 1976990 viewsI'm far right - Dez FosterDez Foster
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