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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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Jane Biddis & Moira McIntyre 1960 ©1016 viewsVerdala Staff
John Gardiner
John Stackpoole & Jane Collier1016 views1 commentsNelle Grace (Lucas)
Kalafrana Beach club.1016 viewsSummer 1966, I had a canoe and used to paddle all around this area. But that was in 1967 a year later before Dad was posted back to the UK.8 commentsChris Howells
School v Staff 19631016 views Let Battle Commence!3 commentsTex Brown
Football at Manoel Island1016 viewsLST Empire Curlew beyond.Prefect
Prizewinners 19761015 viewsWith Captain P.O. Stanley, OIC Schools 1973-1976.Prefect
Chiswick House1013 viewsThe Prep school for Tal Handaq.
Malcolm Shykles.
Staff 19671013 views4 commentsPrefect
Martin Canon & Vicki French 19671012 viewsPrefect
Golden Bay 19621011 views From Left Martin Bond, Tom Fraser, Isobel Simpson, Tex and Phyllis, Kevin Claughan, Joe Salerno. Front, Andy Wilkin and Pauline Warner.3 commentsTex Brown
John Nicholas 19621009 viewsWith Sandy & Mum in the green Anglia 303542 commentsPrefect
Postcard - Gzira Creek 1008 viewsLooks like HMS Forth in foreground, can anybody name any more?6 commentsdeco.rise
RFA Maine 19461008 views©Dickinson CollectionPrefect
Hello Sailor1008 viewsJoe Vincenti, right, and excused-socks friend. Taken at St Angelo steps near the Helix, 1970. Guardroom now flattened. The slipway where we launched the RNSA dinghies is still there.3 commentsMartin Powell
Tramps Party1008 viewsPauline Bale's Farewell Bash, November 1962. -->Prefect
Balluta 19621006 viewsPrefect
Swimming Sports - St George's Bay.1006 viewsSome time in the 1960s. See also.8 commentsPrefect
Carol Papworth, at Ghajn Tuffieha. March 1961.1005 viewsMarie AllenMarie Allen
Brendan Breslin (1959 - 1964)1004 viewsFrom the Web.Prefect
School field, March 19701004 viewsAnother from Teri.

Back L-R Bruce Woodcock, Ros Cary, Rosanne Knox

Front: Janie Ireland, Rina Demby Tayar, Gillie Pike
1002 viewsComet 2 taking off from RAF Luqajimjoyner1
HMS Tiger & Lion in Grand Harbour -24 August 19611001 viewsTiger steaming past her sister ship. According to my records this is the first occasion since the "Tiger" class Cruisers were launched that the two of them are seen together in the Med. Date please??4 commentsdeco.rise
Jane & Sandy1000 viewsAt "The Jukebox", Balluta, 1962.Prefect
Postcard Villa Zammit Pietà999 viewsWith what looks like Villa Guardamangia at the top.Prefect
Peter and Charmaine ©998 viewsWhile doing the midday sun thing last year at Mgarr, we (Grahame Cain & I) came across what looked like a fully rigged luzzu. Being nosy I climbed aboard uninvited for a closer look. Peter emerged from the shade beneath and we spent an hour grilling him (no hat either). When he was fully baked we let him get back to his painting. He writes….(see comments below)….1 commentsMartin Powell
Beach Party Ghajn Tuffieha 62-63 ?997 viewsAre you Carole ??2 commentsPrefect
Birthday party, 1957997 viewsTaken on roof of Marshall Court, Gzira - RN married quarters in 1957.
I am 4th from left. 2nd from left is Linda ? then next to her is Carol Brown.
Sorry cannot remember any other name.
Sylvia Holmes
Tal Handaq or ORFC 05 (can't remember which).996 viewsronthecoolone
Irene Brown's birthday party996 viewsTaken on the roof of RN married quarters: Marshall Court, Gzira in 1957.
In back row there are the Gay twins, and 4th from right is my brother John Holmes.
Kneeling on the left is Irene Brown and on the extreme right is her sister Carol Brown.
Does anyone know the others? All pupils at Tal Handaq except the chap 2nd from right at the back,
think his name may be Jim. Believe he was older and came to Malta to see his parents.
1 commentsSylvia Holmes
RADM Bellamy & Captain Malkin 1967994 viewsInstructor Rear Admiral AJ Bellamy OBE MA, The Director, Naval Education Service, on his visit to Tal Handaq, 17-18 April. Admiral Bellamy was Headmaster of Tal Handaq from 1951 - 1954.5 commentsPrefect
fancy Dress Party '57 (2) signatures993 viewsMore signatures from the original photo, in case you had forgotten you were there !5 commentsjane banks
Distilling Plant - Sliema Ferry - October 2009 ©993 viewsUnder a preservation order? Used to contain a printing press in the 60s, now used as offices. (Not sure I would want to drink water from Sliema Creek even if thrice distilled).22 commentsMartin Powell
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