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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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The Final Staff Photo 19781055 viewsFront row: S. Beckett; G. Gordon; B. Leonard; I. Dickinson; Lt. Cdr. D. Nield; Cdr. G.D. Stubbs; M. Sherwin; T. Ricketts; Lt. Cdr. A. Richards; K. Winn; J. Clemens.
Second row: C. Aquilina; M. Briffa; G. Camilleri; N. Ash; S. Camilleri; M. Caseley; D. Gray; M. Loughran; K. Patterson; L. Curtis; L. Shone; H. Wilson.
Third row: W. Pawley; J. Booker; M. Turner; P. Allen; W. Lewington; J. Rae; C. Laing; A. McHardy; M. Holland.
Fourth row: J. Slide; H. Ritchie; C. Christmas; L. Finnis; B. Woollams; G. Davey; P. Goss; M. Newton.
Back row: D. Walker; A. Latham; I. Hesketh; B. Whewell; S. Bonnett.

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Prefects 19781053 viewsHEAD GIRL: Penny Davison DEPUTY HEAD GIRL: Patricia Ransom.
Jayne Barnes, Susan Bloom, Deborah Canham, Ella Chapman, Grace Graham, Angela Griffiths, Kim Hanns, Heidi Hipperson, Heather Merritt, Linda Moody, Rosangela Mortimer, April Morris, Susan Hewett, Maureen Simpson, Debbie Smeeton, Julie Stace, Anita Wardle, Belinda Young, Penny Davison, Patricia Ransom, Anne Dowie, Karen Hartley.
Safi Youth Club 19781053 viewsHeidi Hipperson and Debbie Smeeton2 commentsKevin Perkin
Adrian Worley 1952-20041051 viewsTaken in Lower Fifth 1967-8.Martin Powell
Whaler Trip April 6-9 1963 1050 viewsSetting off from St Angelo Camber.
Photos from Brian Fuller/Jon Haylock.
The trip took four days in all and the first was spent in reaching up the coast to Paradise Bay where we camped for the night. On the second morning we sailed from Paradise Bay to Mgarr in Gozo via the South and North Comino Channels.
After lunch at Mgarr we reached down to Golden Bay where we said adios to Cdr. Des Clayes and camped for the night. On the third morning we were joined by Mr. McGillivray and Mr. Ratcliff and ran down to Benghisa Point (via Filfla) and then we pulled up to the R.A.F.S.C. at Marsaxlokk — a mere 11 miles. After a relatively peaceful night under a real roof, we tacked out of the bay to Delimara Point and then ran up the coast to Grand Harbour which we reached just after lunch.

Kalafrana, Summer 19611049 viewsYoungsters playing whilst the adults lie around in the sun. Through gate on left is the sea/leisure area. the middle kiddie, ginger hair is my Brother Ian. Cannot remember any of the others, any help? Do I spot a pale blue Triumph Herald in the shade at the back?deco.rise
Girls Netball Team 1965-661049 viewsFront Line L to R:- Jp Mogridge. Ganor Hamley and Sally Rathmell. Middle top : Robina Hopkinson. Any ideas on who the others are?2 commentsDugmore
Dunera 1967 Singalong1047 viewsChris Fairwood1 commentsPrefect
Marsamxett Ferry1045 viewsBeyond are the Tigne Married Quarters above the famous caves.14 commentsPrefect
Gozo trip 19701045 viewsLeft front to back: Dom Busuttil Rivers , Dom Wujastyk (rear view), Joe Vincenti, Dave Shepherd (Exile).
Right f-b: Martin Lawrence, Caroline Cary (Porridge), Adrian Worley, Diane Lawrence, Eddie Eichmann
12 commentsMartin Powell
Tal Handaq Juniors, 19501044 viewsAll I can tell you about this is that my brother, John Holmes is the little chap (but by no means the youngest)
4th from the left in the back row. Think the hats must have been red and white for Christmas?
Taken when all ages attended Tal Handaq.
Sylvia Holmes
Headmaster, Mr Plant (right) and his Staff. 1962.1043 viewsFrom the 1962 Magazine
Left is Benny Cassar who was Transport Driver from 1947.
Name this Teacher. 1971.1043 viewsSomebody must know after 500+ views?2 commentsPrefect
Cathy Stephenson and Len Moscrop November 19731041 viewsOur last trip to Valletta together. fifla1973
Intrepid Climbers1038 viewsTrigg, Gerrard, Duncan.
Balluta 1962
Sheila Weekes1038 viewsAt the Meadowbank1 commentsSheila Evans
Prefects 19661038 viewsNot many compared with 1960. The run down has started.4 commentsPrefect
Military Bay1037 viewsThe older couple ran the school club at that time. We were at Military Bay, with the school club.
Marie Allen
Marie Allen
Betty Cater 19601033 viewsJohn GardinerPrefect
Destroyers in Sliema Creek1033 viewsRMA Mess on Tigne Street, foreground. LSTs far right.
7th Destroyer Sqn. Probably 1962. HMS Trafalgar, Dunkirk, Jutland, Aisne or Corunna?, Broadsword and Scorpion.
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Wartime Valleta1033 views6 commentsPrefect
Outside the Tuck Shop1032 viewsMucking about outside the tuck shop. Right to left Dorian Church? Ken Bird, George Molden, not sure who is attempting the splits, Bob Callahan and not sure of the rest.1 commentsmikew
DofE Exped Cyprus 19681028 viewsMartin Powell & Robert Ross3 commentsPrefect
Stamp club1026 viewsComplete with spelling error.2 commentsPrefect
Villa Guardamangia 19491026 viewsThe new tenants taking a stroll for the cameras.1 commentsPrefect
Manoel Island Lido 1960 ©1024 viewsThis was taken during the summer of 1960 at the Lido (Manoel Island) and shows crew members from the destroyers and frigates berthed in Sliema Creek relaxing. I recall the great fun we had on the diving board and raft both visible in this photograph. There was also a counter on the beach (in reality rocks) that sold cold drinks. For returning an empty bottle you received 1d. Empties were usually thrown into the sea. We only got paid every 14 days so on the blank week, we’d dive for these empty bottles for the 1d return! Happy days.
Xmas 19561023 viewsMalcolm Hill1 commentsPrefect
Malta Protestant College, Balluta.1023 viewsProposed new buildings. Were they ever built?Prefect
On the beach again1021 viewsMalcolm Hill3 commentsPrefect
Dockyard Terrace 1954 © 1020 viewsfrom the Victualling Yard gate.
Photo James Donald Bamber.
5 commentsPrefect
Wendy Battleday 1952-20211019 viewsMuch missed2 commentsNelle Grace (Lucas)
Fancy Dress Parade1017 viewsAt the Floriana Methodist Hall. Heather Marriott as tramp.1 commentsPrefect
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