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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

Most viewed - Tal Handaq 40-50s (1947 - 1959)
Chief Scout signs sea scout's autograph book on TS Egmont1230 viewsjknight
Scouts marching past the Palace1224 viewsMalcolm ShyklesPrefect
3AG 19581217 views Bernard Goatley (rear left), Christopher Ruoff (leaning on the doorpost), Brian Fuller ( light shorts and dark pullover), Keith Tayton (spectacled).
Photo - Steve Martin via this site.
Names from Brian Fuller who also remembers other class members being - Kathleen Spilsbury, Deirdre Pike, Glenys Metherell, Graham Cake, Robert Smith, John Merriman, Bruce Love, Terence Whitter, Richard Dowling, Peter Franks, Anthony Mullen.
Keith Tayton remembers all the others and was able to recite the class register at the last Reunion in Bath.

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Probably 19591209 viewsSue Hills & Tricia Staff at the back.
Front - Pat Glover, Wendy Cox, Dawn Fear, Alexandra Batty, Eileen Beer, Carol Robinson, Pat Woolner , Pauline Green, Valerie Lawrence ....
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Spike1194 viewsMalcolm Hill3 commentsPrefect
Dilwara1168 viewsgoing home 1953. Jeanette
Princess Flats , Msida.1148 viewsAnyone remember them?
Copyright © Roger Turner
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6th Form Boys v Girls Hockey Match 1141 viewsManoel Island 20th December 1957.
There is a photo of these player's signatures on this site .
jane Banks
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MFV Trip to Comino 19581141 viewsRoger Turner back right.Prefect
Eve Priestly, John Guast, Hilary Paynter1139 viewsOutside Cellblock 4AG 1958.
Behind the bars, Sandra Carter.
From David Harvey
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Beach party mid 50s1137 viewsAny names please?
jane Banks
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3BG 19581137 views1 commentsRubia
Beach Party mid 50s1123 viewsWho is the volunteer to be buried ?
jane Banks
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At the Jukebox1123 viewsDot who came over for the summer of 1959, me Sheila Weekes and Lorraine Eaton at Balluta Bay Juke Box cafe 1 commentsSheila Evans
Swimming Sports at Manoel Island1083 viewsMalcolm ShyklesPrefect
Trip to Sicily/Mount Etna 12 April '571083 viewsLeader Mr Basil Cleaver.
An account of this trip can be found in the R N School Magazine '57
jane Banks
Link to Account
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Daphne Wye1083 viewsOn her roof at Senglea.3 commentsPrefect
Tal Handaq Juniors, 19501080 viewsAll I can tell you about this is that my brother, John Holmes is the little chap (but by no means the youngest)
4th from the left in the back row. Think the hats must have been red and white for Christmas?
Taken when all ages attended Tal Handaq.
Sylvia Holmes
Sheila Weekes1060 viewsAt the Meadowbank1 commentsSheila Evans
Sheila & Lorraine1058 viewsRockyvale 19591 commentsSheila Evans
Marsa Club, 19/11/1959 or 60?1051 viewsFollow up to B&W pic a few days back. R to L Joyce Day ( mum! ) Len Murgatroyd, Bob Hadden, ?, Stuart Hadden ? & ?
Other kiddies I cannot remember. Anyone help?
On the beach again1038 viewsMalcolm Hill3 commentsPrefect
Mid 50s Autograph Book No.21038 viewsPat Fairbairn1 commentsPrefect
Xmas 19561037 viewsMalcolm Hill1 commentsPrefect
Fancy Dress Parade1030 viewsAt the Floriana Methodist Hall. Heather Marriott as tramp.1 commentsPrefect
Birthday party, 19571030 viewsTaken on roof of Marshall Court, Gzira - RN married quarters in 1957.
I am 4th from left. 2nd from left is Linda ? then next to her is Carol Brown.
Sorry cannot remember any other name.
Sylvia Holmes
Irene Brown's birthday party1027 viewsTaken on the roof of RN married quarters: Marshall Court, Gzira in 1957.
In back row there are the Gay twins, and 4th from right is my brother John Holmes.
Kneeling on the left is Irene Brown and on the extreme right is her sister Carol Brown.
Does anyone know the others? All pupils at Tal Handaq except the chap 2nd from right at the back,
think his name may be Jim. Believe he was older and came to Malta to see his parents.
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Chiswick House1024 viewsThe Prep school for Tal Handaq.
Malcolm Shykles.
fancy Dress Party '57 (2) signatures1012 viewsMore signatures from the original photo, in case you had forgotten you were there !5 commentsjane banks
Wendy Scott c19561012 viewsPeter Evans
Tal Handak Guides 1947 -19491002 viewsJohn ClarkPrefect
Rugby at Ta Kali 19581000 viewsJohn Holmes
Back row. Andrew Lyne, Gordon Campbell, Bob Powell,George Whitehouse, Jock Lawrence, dunno, Craig Love has his hands on the shoulders of John Holmes, then its Jack Stubbs, Mike Eyett, Geoff Day, Roger Chandler, Robin Palmer and Bob Blythe. Kneeling I can't name the first two but with his hand on the ball is Bob Trott. Next to him is Roddy Robertson, then Lewis Thomas, Colin Doyle, and finally, Mike Cane.
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