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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

Last additions - Chris Howells
RAF Luqa Primary852 viewsCountry dancing, sometime between 1964 and 1967.Chris HowellsMar 07, 2013
HMS Hermes ©506 viewsGrand Harbour 1966 or 67 according to my late Father's notes on
the surround of the slide.
Chris HowellsNov 01, 2011
Tal Handaq from Luqa653 viewsI suspect this was taken from the Transit Mess while we were waiting for our flight back to uk August/September 1967Chris HowellsOct 31, 2011
Me as a lad!664 viewsOn the balcony of 3 St Nicholas Flats (apartments? LOL) Ta'Xbiex Wharf, approx 19654 commentsChris HowellsSep 28, 2011
DUNERA 'Educational' Cruise 1967697 viewsI think this was when I was picked up from the school by Mum or Dad when we got back. Though I am not sure.Chris HowellsSep 15, 2011
DUNERA 'Educational' Cruise 1967649 viewsAnother copy of a slide from that trip. Possibly Ephesus.Chris HowellsSep 15, 2011
DUNERA 'Educational' Cruise 1967556 viewsMy usual poor photo at, I think, Ephesus.Chris HowellsSep 15, 2011
Fun at Tigne496 viewsMy brother Tony (he went to Maidstone Grammer not TH) and I having fun in the tidal pool at Tigne. Must have been a school holiday for Tony to be there. He thinks Xmas 1965/66 and I plumped for Easter 66.3 commentsChris HowellsApr 29, 2010
Surrender to my demands for more pocket money392 viewsTo balance things a bit from my point of view, my Dad, Fl Lt HS 'Ron' Howells, and I were on a wander around Valetta. This would have been 1966 I think. There is, somewhere, the opposite where he is on the gun and I have my hands up. Carry on Malta?Chris HowellsApr 29, 2010
A boat Grand Harbour697 viewsTaken from the deck of Devonia as she was leaving G.H. for the 1966 T.H. school cruise. We were on our way to Libya to pick up some American kids. So pre-Gaddafi when El Adem was still operational.10 commentsChris HowellsApr 27, 2010
A Fort South of Grand Harbour.470 viewsEarly 1966, my Oldbat; my much missed Mother. We were fascinated by the 'Barley Sugar' Columns either side of the gate.
(Now identified as Fort Ricasoli).
Chris HowellsApr 27, 2010
Kalafrana Beach club.1019 viewsSummer 1966, I had a canoe and used to paddle all around this area. But that was in 1967 a year later before Dad was posted back to the UK.8 commentsChris HowellsApr 27, 2010
Msida Creek Summer 1966697 viewsTaken from the balcony of our flat, St Nicholas flats, Ta'Xbiex Wharf in the summer of 1966. I believe that the rough track at the front of those flats is now a main road over to Gzira! The rough ground in front of the flats was alive with aggressive black ants. Boy did I have fun with them.1 commentsChris HowellsApr 27, 2010
Grand Harbour 1966 ©700 viewsMy Dad informed me at the time that this was HMS Eagle. I will leave that to the Navy Buffs to correct or deny. All I do know is that I took this picture from the upper Barracca Gardens and my note on the back says Summer '66 so I would have been 12/13.13 commentsChris HowellsApr 27, 2010
Luqa Air Scout camp: The whole camp662 viewsSomewhere near to Kalafrana and MarsaxlokChris HowellsApr 16, 2010
Luqa Air Scout camp: Activity595 viewsAnother person who's name I cannot remember! Cha, old age etc etcChris HowellsApr 16, 2010
Luqa Air Scout camp: Gannet patrol tent695 views4 commentsChris HowellsApr 16, 2010
Devonia '66665 viewsSorry mate, we were friends but I cannot remember your name!1 commentsChris HowellsApr 16, 2010
Tal Handaqians in Athens 1966984 viewsThe guys are amazed at a Greek guard in Athens.That is assuming my memory is correct about where this was! I am sure it was during the Devonia cruise of 1966 that included Delphi, Athens, Istanbul and Rhodes. The following year was Crete, Izmir (Ephesus), Lebanon and Haifa, in Dunera. I must dig out the slides I took that year!1 commentsChris HowellsAug 09, 2008
Lifeboat Drill; Dunera Cruise 19671559 viewsI am sure that this was the Dunera cruise of early 1967. I was in 3B at the time and this is a scan (took a while to get it down to 250kb!) of a picture that appeared in the Times of Malta.
I cannot name a soul, (apart from me of course! Front row,4 along with head at jaunty angle, book in hand and OMG turn ups!) So if anyone can fill in those names: go for it!
15 commentsChris HowellsJul 24, 2008
At Meleiha 1964917 viewsPosing in the sea, I think I had found a hermit crab which I am so proudly displaying!Chris HowellsJun 29, 2008
Melleiha 1964878 viewsMy brother and sister. Tony went to Maidstone Grammar School and Gwyneth to Luqa Primary.2 commentsChris HowellsJun 29, 2008
Tigne Early 1965900 viewsChris Howells was posing for his Father to take a picture a large wave crashed over giving him a shock!
Chris HowellsJun 29, 2008
School photo 1967742 viewsChris Howells' school photo, though it may have been 1966! I can't rememberChris HowellsJun 29, 2008
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