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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

Last additions - Tal Handaq 60s (1960 - 1969)
Dunera Gatecrashers797 viewsSeeing Carl Olsen's pics of the Dunera trip 1962 reminded me of this photo in existence since then when a bunch of us went down to the harbour to meet the returning trip and blag ourselves on board, which worked for a while until we were rumbled and slung off unceremoniously, a good day was had by all. In the picture L-R Bryn Mead, Rod Stenton, Nigel Saunders, Bryan Sanderson, Richard Saunders and Robert "Ollie" Castell.
Photo taken by Dave "prof" Shorters on 8th March 1963.

Bryan SandersonJun 17, 2010
1969-70 Rugby Team736 viewsPhilip SmithPrefectJun 17, 2010
1969 Football Team815 viewsPhilip Smith3 commentsPrefectJun 17, 2010
1968 Football Team784 viewsPhilip SmithPrefectJun 17, 2010
Football 1969661 views Philip Smith on the left & Roy Aldworth?2 commentsPrefectJun 17, 2010
Dunera 1962636 viewsDunera School Cruise to Genoa, Rome and Naples. 1962. Photo taken prior to boarding at Grand Harbour. Photo courtesy of Times of Malta. Including Carl Olsen, Peter Feldon, Margaret Bradshaw, Dermot Matthews, Christopher Church, Joanna Hawkins, Derek Wood.PrefectJun 17, 2010
Dunera 1962642 viewsDunera School Cruise. 1962. Prior to embarkation, Malta. Most of this group were in classes 2AG and 2BG. Includes Carl Olsen, Peter Feldon, Dermot Matthews, Christopher Church, Philip Brown. I was in Benbow dormitory, along with most of this group.
Carl Olsen
1 commentsPrefectJun 17, 2010
Janice Drew614 viewsReceiving a Form Prize from Sir Maurice Dorman, 1962.PrefectJun 16, 2010
Sea Rangers 61-62595 viewsAudrey HymansPrefectJun 16, 2010
.. and all who sail in her ..555 viewsSea Rangers 61-62
Audrey Hymans
PrefectJun 16, 2010
Steady as she goes547 viewsAudrey Hymans, Sea Rangers 61-62.
HMS Barhill beyond.
PrefectJun 16, 2010
Me in my school summer uniform.567 viewsDave HowellPrefectJun 16, 2010
A break from Chemistry745 viewsDave Howell
Coffee break outside the Chemistry block. Water boiled over bunsen burners...happy days. L-R Mick Adams drinking out of a beaker, ?,?, Phil Gilbody, ?, Derek Spafford (behind the enamel mug) ?. Wendy Coupe seated, Sonia Aldworth (nee Orsman), ?, and Mr Hitchcott behind the dark glasses. I'm behind the camera
1 commentsPrefectJun 16, 2010
Paradise Bay 1967847 viewsDave Howell
Here we have L - R Biffo, the lovely Lynne Duguid, and Fran balancing on top of L - R me (Dave Howell), Phil Gilbody and Paul Grimson. Camping out at Paradise bay circa 1967.
1 commentsPrefectJun 16, 2010
Ludum Praeter Palmam Amare613 viewsBryan Sanderson at Prize Day 1963.
Prize Day at Tal Handaq was held on Monday, 18th November, 1963. The Commander-in-Chief, Mediterranean, Admiral Sir Deric Holland - Martin, K.C.B., D.S.O., D.S.C*., presided and the prizes were presented by the United Kingdom Commissioner, Sir Edward Wakefield, Bart., C.I.E. who entertained and amused all present with a very witty speech.
Bryan SandersonJun 02, 2010
Ron's Memories717 viewsA selection of photos from the 1965 to 1969 "Sliema Cafe" era.1 commentsronthecooloneMay 14, 2010
Luqa Air Scout camp: The whole camp684 viewsSomewhere near to Kalafrana and MarsaxlokChris HowellsApr 16, 2010
Luqa Air Scout camp: Activity614 viewsAnother person who's name I cannot remember! Cha, old age etc etcChris HowellsApr 16, 2010
Luqa Air Scout camp: Gannet patrol tent710 views4 commentsChris HowellsApr 16, 2010
Devonia '66689 viewsSorry mate, we were friends but I cannot remember your name!1 commentsChris HowellsApr 16, 2010
Sonia681 viewsCleaning up Sonia after the race - sort of.
Nigel Dawson
1 commentsPrefectMar 25, 2010
Birra Messina475 viewsBorrowed from a well known campsite near Catania in 1960.
I will return them one day!
PrefectFeb 18, 2010
Prefects 19661058 viewsNot many compared with 1960. The run down has started.4 commentsPrefectFeb 17, 2010
Prefects 1960919 viewsRescanned and reposted to go with the names.
If anyone has a better quality print, do send.
PrefectJan 27, 2010
Prefects 1960 Named813 viewsThese names to faces were the result of a discussion at the 2004 Reunion, between Marianne Tottman, Carol Matthews, Jean Miles, myself & others.
Harry Greig - TH 1958 - 1960.
PrefectJan 27, 2010
New Year Party 1960999 viewsHarry Greig3 commentsPrefectJan 26, 2010
Manoel Island968 viewsHarry Greig1 commentsPrefectJan 26, 2010
Manoel Island672 viewsHarry GreigPrefectJan 26, 2010
Sea Cadets 1963699 viewsTS St Paul, formed at HMS Phoenicia, 1962, with TH and local boys.
50 Years of Malta's Sea Cadet Corps.
Bryan SandersonJan 25, 2010
Sea Cadet Guard619 viewsFar left is Dave 'Prof' Shorters and next to him is Rob 'Ollie' Castell.
Bryan SandersonJan 25, 2010
Sea Cadets afloat663 viewsNext to the officer I am pretty sure is Vince Bradshaw.
Bryan SandersonJan 25, 2010
1965 L6A (1 of 4)954 viewsJohn Atherton, ?, John Noble, Mike (Smiley) Jamieson front and centre, ?, ?, ?.
Correction - John Saddler, Geoff Milton, John Moore (aka "Flash"), Graham ?, Nigel Vaughan, Paul Jenner; centre is Steve Commons.
4 commentsNigelJan 21, 2010
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