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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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HMS Valiant 1927479 viewsPrefectOct 17, 2011
Pieta Boat House609 viewsPrefectOct 14, 2011
Building St Elmo Bridge 1906597 viewsPrefectOct 12, 2011
RFA Reliant 1938429 viewsBought 1933 and converted to Naval & Victualling Store Issuing ship. Med Fleet and victualling supply depot in Marsamuscetto, Malta until 1939. Then Mombasa and East Indies until 1946. Sold to Maltese owners 1948. Scrapped 1962.PrefectOct 10, 2011
HMS Cossack 1939502 viewsFamed for the Altmark Incident.2 commentsPrefectOct 10, 2011
Ferry before the Buses580 viewsPrefectOct 05, 2011
Dock Gard Creck665 viewsPostcard. Dromedary Class tug probably Restive.3 commentsPrefectSep 21, 2011
Ghar id-Dud before the Chalet788 viewsPostcard2 commentsPrefectSep 21, 2011
Mgarr 1929630 viewsExtension of Breakwater.
1 commentsPrefectSep 17, 2011
HMS Achilles 1936508 viewsPrior to transfer to New Zealand.
As INS Delhi she played herself in the film The Battle of the River Plate in 1956.
1 commentsPrefectSep 16, 2011
Fleur de Lis Gate532 viewsPostcard. Demolished by an RAF crane truck in 1943.PrefectSep 12, 2011
Diving at Sliema580 viewsNear the Tower, probably 1930s.1 commentsPrefectSep 11, 2011
Lascaris Power Station545 viewsBuilt 1895. Superceded by "Marsa A" in the 1950sPrefectSep 01, 2011
Boy Scout Headquarters609 viewsBuilt 1932 with memorial archway to Congreve. Bombed 1942 and rebuilt 1948.6 commentsPrefectSep 01, 2011
Auberge de Castille567 viewsWith Naval Signal Station from which from 1935, air raid practices were signalled.3 commentsPrefectAug 31, 2011
Pasteurized Milk639 viewswas introduced in 1938, some thirty years after the link between undulant fever and goats' milk was discovered.3 commentsPrefectAug 29, 2011
Marfa Palace Hotel699 viewsBuilt on Wied Musa Battery of 1716. Once the Governor's summer residence and later popular with honeymooners.
Now derelict.
PrefectAug 29, 2011
Kingsgate544 viewsDecorated for the Coronation of KGVI 1937.PrefectAug 24, 2011
Kingsgate Bridge546 viewsBeing widened 1931.PrefectAug 24, 2011
St Luke's 1939551 viewsNearing completion. PrefectAug 22, 2011
St Luke's Hospital588 viewsDigging the foundations 1930. Completed 1940.PrefectAug 22, 2011
Duke of York Avenue585 viewsCompleted 1930 after 4 years at a cost of £35,000.PrefectAug 22, 2011
The Marina 1930619 viewsThe branch of the RN Canteen is demolished to incorporate an archway through to the Barracca Lift.PrefectAug 22, 2011
HMS Sultan Aground 1889548 viewsOn 6 March 1889 she grounded on an uncharted rock in the Comino Channel, ripping her bottom open. She slowly flooded and in a gale on 14 March 1889 she slipped off the rock and sank. She was raised in August and brought into Malta. After temporary repairs she was brought home to Portsmouth, undergoing modernisation and repair until 1896. She served in the reserve until 1906, became a training ship until sold 1947.
PrefectAug 19, 2011
Indian Army Camps 1878554 viewsTop - Cavalry near Attard.
Bottom - Infantry on a mountainous Manoel Island.
In 1878, the Indian government dispatched 7000 native Indian troops to the island of Malta. This was the first time the Indian Army was deployed outside the British Indian Empire, and questions regarding its constitutionality were raised in the British parliament. The move was seen as a signal, during the height of the Great Eastern Crisis, that Britain was ready to supplement its own forces with troops from India to counter any Russian threats to Turkey, or future wars in Europe
PrefectAug 19, 2011
A Night at the Opera 1898456 viewsMephistopheles collects his due. A custom at the Opera House on "benefit nights".PrefectAug 17, 2011
Anglo-Maltese Relations 1878599 viewsPrefectAug 17, 2011
Shell Depot at Birzebbugia611 viewsOpened 1920.PrefectAug 16, 2011
Port des Bombes636 viewsBefore the guardrooms were removed in 1928.PrefectAug 16, 2011
Battleships618 viewsNelson & Malaya. Two County cruisers and RFA Boxol heading up the creek.PrefectAug 14, 2011
Pembroke Camp579 viewsAnd Military Cemetery?PrefectAug 11, 2011
Fort St Elmo590 viewsWith lighthouse and intact bridge.PrefectAug 11, 2011
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