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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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Piazza Sir Filippo Sciberras - Floriana534 viewsLate 1920s - early 1930s. Formerly Piazza Maggiore. Since built over.pulluJul 09, 2013
Piazza Maggiore Floriana in 18581596 viewsWatercolour by Admiral Sir Edward Fanshawe showing the view from his house.
Piazza Maggiore was renamed Piazza Sir Filippo Sciberras and is now Triq Pietro Floriani (Map). Kalkara Gate was demolished in 1888.
pulluJul 09, 2013
Champion Boat's Crew 1882449 viewsFrench Creek1 commentsPrefectJul 07, 2013
RFA Maine (1)456 viewsMike Day Collection.
The Hospital Ship is in Lazaretto Creek. Behind are probably the depot ships Leander (ex cruiser) & Tyne which are dressed with German Ensigns probably in honour of the Kaiser during his visit in 1904. In the background is the beginnings of Gzira with the RN Canteen and Manoel Island bridge.
The story of the Maines.
PrefectMay 29, 2013
1st Lincolns 1896436 viewsPrefectMay 27, 2013
Dockyard Chapel 1875456 viewsIn use in part of the sail loft from 1819, on Store Wharf above what became Church Tunnel. The original Dockyard School was in or near the same building.
School History.-" (originally in or near the Chapel by the sail loft in the Sta Margherita Cospicua, area)"
PrefectMay 25, 2013
RN Canteen, Corradino, 1931.506 viewsPrefectMay 24, 2013
Games & Merry-making 1896573 views"In the Piazza Maggiore is the Soldier's and Sailor's Home, an excellent charitable institution, furnished with a good serviceable library, a reading and writing room, smoking and other rooms. This admirably conceived and philanthropic organization is calculated to greatly benefit and improve the class for whom it is designed, affording them not only respectable accommodations, but occupation for their leisure hours. " (From The Story of Malta.)3 commentsPrefectMay 21, 2013
Our Great Mediterranean Naval Base 1915473 viewsPrefectMay 19, 2013
HMS Nile 1896401 viewsPrefectMay 19, 2013
Italian Training Ship450 viewsWhich could be either Cristoforo Colombo or Amerigo Vespucci. At right is the original 250 Ton Admiralty Crane Lighter No.4 which replaced the Macina in 1927 and was sunk at Boiler Wharf in April 1942. Despite the assertion by Bonnici & Cassar that it was raised & rebuilt, the post war Crane Lighter No.4 (Clive) appears to be an entirely different 150 Ton crane built by Cowans & Sheldon.PrefectMay 15, 2013
Dockyard 1930s417 viewsCyclops with the Subs and Valiant/Barham?
Verdala Barracks & School on the skyline.
PrefectMay 15, 2013
HMS Stuart356 viewsPrefectMay 11, 2013
Kingsgate441 viewsWith drawbridge.PrefectMay 11, 2013
The King378 viewsArriving in HMS Aurora, June 20 1943.PrefectMay 09, 2013
Grand Harbour 1930515 viewsTug is Respond or Roysterer.PrefectApr 24, 2013
Wreck of the Adjutant, Tigne 1884.529 viewsThe Tug is Escort. See more.PrefectMar 12, 2013
HMS Lancaster406 viewsPrefectMar 10, 2013
HMS Fareham 1937628 viewsHunt class minesweeper, in 1944-45 she was named St Angelo II, acting as a minesweeping base ship. PrefectFeb 17, 2013
Duke of Edinburgh Cinematograph541 viewsPreceded the Alhambra.PrefectFeb 14, 2013
HMS Resource 1936521 viewsPrefectFeb 09, 2013
A Perspective 1794544 viewsPrefectJan 19, 2013
Verdala 19161189 viewsPrisoners of War at St Clements Camp, site of the later school.PrefectDec 31, 2012
Verdala Barracks 1916553 viewsPrisoners of War.PrefectDec 31, 2012
Verdala Barracks 1915557 viewsPrisoners of War.PrefectDec 31, 2012
Fort Tigne598 views© Dr. Stehen C. Spiteri
Read all about it.
PrefectDec 18, 2012
Fortifications456 viewsCourtesy of the Department of Information.PrefectDec 17, 2012
HMS Eagle465 viewsPrefectDec 13, 2012
HMS Eagle506 views On 11 August 1942 whilst still in the Malta bound convoy (Pedestal) she was hit by 4 torpedoes from the German Uboat U-73 and sank in position 38'05' N: 3'02' E.1 commentsPrefectDec 13, 2012
Founder of the Order475 views3 commentsPrefectNov 30, 2012
O not with arms reversed, 529 views And the slow beating of the muffled drum ...
PrefectNov 28, 2012
Marsamuscetto, the Hydraulic Dock. 582 viewsBase for mine-sweepers, patrol trawlers and MLs.
Watercolour from World War I by Frank Mason.
© IWM (Art.IWM ART 3128)
PrefectNov 20, 2012
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