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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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Officers' Quarters - Dockyard Terrace 1880s804 viewsR.EllisPrefectMay 08, 2014
HMS Emperor of India 1923399 viewsPrefectMay 05, 2014
HMS Empress of India 1897389 viewsPrefectMay 05, 2014
HMS Resolution 1933435 views1 commentsPrefectMay 02, 2014
Football at St Clement's PoW Camp (later became Verdala School)664 viewsIn the background left are Zabbar Gate and the Cottonera Hospital which later became St Edward's College.PrefectApr 29, 2014
St Clement's Camp440 viewsGerman & Turkish POWs during WW1.PrefectApr 28, 2014
St Clement's Retrenchment522 viewsAs a POW Camp in WW1. Built by the Royal Engineers in 1854 to divide the area between the Margherita & Cottonera Lines, it later became the home of the Dockyard School & RN School Verdala.PrefectApr 27, 2014
HMS Nile 1896428 viewsOff Pinto Wharf.
R. Ellis.
Britannia Circus Theatre centre background.
PrefectApr 27, 2014
Blackley's Bakery Pieta740 viewsPlanning Application Aprroved.PrefectApr 12, 2014
Porta Reale554 views The Army Gymnasium was built 1873 on St James Bastion. Replaced by the Vernon Club in 1919, it was identical to the main building at Verdala School.PrefectApr 02, 2014
Coastal Forces in Pieta Creek521 viewsPrefectMar 09, 2014
The Ferry 1920507 viewsThe Duke of Edinburgh Cinematograph preceded the Alhambra.PrefectMar 02, 2014
Landing Place Marsamuscetto Harbour502 viewsH. AgiusPrefectFeb 16, 2014
President Roosevelt with Lord Gort at Luqa484 views8 December1943. " FDR left his plane, entered a jeep, and proceeded to a nearby area where a guard of honor rendered honors and the Stars and Stripes was hoisted nearby. This was the first time the US national ensign had ever been officially raised on Malta. Lord Gort presented various officers and local officials to FDR. FDR then addressed the crowd."PrefectFeb 09, 2014
Royal Artillery c1930460 viewsR.Ellis.PrefectJan 17, 2014
Bathing Fashions 1920s520 viewsPrefectJan 17, 2014
Visit Of King Edward VII 1903557 viewsFloriana, up from Port des Bombes.
Railway Viaduct at right.
PrefectDec 17, 2013
Collegiate School, St Julian's 1928.502 viewsSee also.PrefectDec 17, 2013
Hospital Ship Goorkha 1917439 viewsBuilt for Union Castle 1897. Mined off Malta 10 October 1917 with no casualties. Towed into Malta, decommissioned and returned to owners for repair.PrefectDec 06, 2013
HMS Ramillies427 viewsOne of Ramillies' 15-inch guns has been preserved and can be seen at the Imperial War Museum in London.PrefectNov 25, 2013
HMS Raglan c1915412 viewsAbercrombie class monitor. Sunk 1918. Wiki.PrefectNov 25, 2013
RFA Montenol435 views Built Gray, West Hartlepool 1917. Dardanelles & Black Sea 1921 - 23, then Malta until 1932. Relieved by Cherryleaf and then in reserve until 1935. Fleet attendant at La Rochelle during Spanish Civil War and then Haifa and Alexandria. Torpedoed off West Africa 21 March 1942 en route Far East. Sunk by gunfire.PrefectNov 23, 2013
HMS Resolution c1932396 viewsFrom Fr Michael & Ms Frankey Cole.PrefectNov 19, 2013
Crane Lighter No.4 c1932504 viewsFrom Fr Michael & Ms Frankey Cole.2 commentsPrefectNov 19, 2013
HMS Trafalgar 1896434 viewsPrefectSep 30, 2013
Spinola Palace Steps c1932503 viewsFrom Fr Michael & Ms Frankey Cole.PrefectSep 27, 2013
Sheer Bastion c1932465 viewsTug must be "Restive".
From Fr Michael & Ms Frankey Cole.
PrefectSep 11, 2013
Vittoria Street Senglea511 viewsFrom Fr Michael & Ms Frankey Cole.PrefectSep 07, 2013
San Pawl tat-Tarġa432 viewsFrom Fr Michael & Ms Frankey Cole.PrefectSep 06, 2013
Fleur de Lys Arch468 viewsWhich carried the Wignacourt Aqueduct built between 1610 and 1614. The construction of the aqueduct was recorded on a marble tablet fixed to a decorated archway at Fleur-de-Lys, which in translation reads "So far Valletta was a corpse, now, the spirit of water revives her; as once the first spirit moved on the water, so now, that water has been led to her, the spirit returns". Demolished by an RAF truck in 1943. Later replaced by the roundabout. Beyond is the Vincenzo Bugeja Institute.
From Fr Michael & Ms Frankey Cole.
PrefectSep 06, 2013
HMS Glorious 1934408 viewsPrefectSep 02, 2013
Porte des Bombes483 viewsWith Bombes (original size & position?) and tram tracks before 1928.
From Edgar Vella.
PrefectAug 19, 2013
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