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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

Last additions - Transport
Gone but not forgotten ©328 viewsThe road following the line of the Railway through Balzan.PrefectJul 11, 2009
Attard Viaduct355 viewsBlack & white images with acknowledgements to The Malta Railway by Joseph Bonnici & Michael Cassar which is recommended.
See also this website of the Malta Railway Remains.
And Walking the Old Malta Railway.
PrefectJul 11, 2009
Tilley (Bedford Utilicon)605 viewsMac
Reminiscent of the School Transport driven by Benny Cassar who is on the left in THIS PHOTO
1 commentsPrefectJul 11, 2009
Valletta Railway Terminus. ©410 viewsThe platforms were in the tunnel with steps emerging near the Opera House.
Leased to the Yellow Garage since 1971, they will be moving soon as the City Entrance is redeveloped.
PrefectJul 10, 2009
Entrance to Floriana Railway Tunnel ©327 viewsOn the viaduct across the Great Ditch by Kingsgate.
913 yards long, it emerges near Porte des Bombes.
PrefectJul 10, 2009
Not Many Left ©367 viewsNormal Control Buses (engine sticking out in front) are disappearing fast.
537's Final Trip
2 commentsPrefectJul 09, 2009
Magirus Deutz ©267 views421 immortalized on a beach towel.PrefectJul 09, 2009
3rd Class Carriage ©292 viewsIn a perilous state of preservation at Birkirkara Station, 2009.

Aka "Iolanthe" - "something between a large bathing machine and a very small second class carriage"
PrefectJul 08, 2009
Birchircara Sation 2009 ©287 viewsNow used as a nursery school amid pleasant gardens which provide a cool home for stray moggies.PrefectJul 08, 2009
Blata l-Bajda388 viewsPostcard before 1973. With the Spencer Monument and a Gudja/Ghaxaq bus.
Not to mention a Triumph Herald and a couple of B'karas.
PrefectJun 19, 2009
Hamrun Railway Station ©342 viewsAlthough the railway ceased operating in 1931 many relics still remain, including this building, now in use by Hamrun Boy Scouts. Along with the building, the pillars supporting the canopy, the canopy itself, the metal fence to the right of the building and large flower urn are all original reminders of its past use. The only thing missing is a steam train in front of it!
PrefectJun 18, 2009
Loads of sixties cars.376 viewsPrefectJun 13, 2009
Monte Castelo c1960309 viewsSpanish, built 1921.
©Rex Cooper
PrefectMay 24, 2009
Coal Cart317 viewsPrefectMay 20, 2009
Magirus Deutz (No.1956) at Pieta362 viewsPrefectMay 10, 2009
OHIO ©366 viewsRinella Creek c1946
John Clark
PrefectApr 27, 2009
Melita Land373 viewsGozo Ro-Ro 1980sPrefectApr 27, 2009
Crested Eagle319 views SEE FULL HISTORY PrefectApr 19, 2009
The Bus Terminus 1933363 viewsJohn ClarkPrefectApr 10, 2009
Star in colour322 viewsPrefectApr 04, 2009
Argentina 1957324 viewsTirrennia Line. 50 years old. Brought the TH Italy Trip back from Syracuse in 1958.PrefectMar 05, 2009
A Drift of Dghajjes332 viewsPrefectMar 04, 2009
Constellation at Luqa453 viewsThis plane was apparently caught in Luqa with drugs on board and remained at the airport for a number of years. I understand it ws latterly used as a restaurant where it was situated on the old Safi road1 commentsglubMar 02, 2009
Constellations at Luqa415 viewsThis is a picture taken of the two constelllations at Luqa in 1971 glubMar 02, 2009
Britannia405 viewsThis looks like a Britannia. Taken from the old main terminal at Luqa airport looking towards the RAF site which is to the right in the background1 commentsglubMar 02, 2009
1971 Luqa Airport Viscount (I think)428 viewsDuring my first year and a half in Malta (1970-72) I took various pictures of planes at the airport. This was a Viscount I believe and taken looking from the old terminal building towards Luqa 2 site.2 commentsglubMar 02, 2009
Wartime Bus444 viewsPrefectFeb 28, 2009
"Its not for me, its for my diso ...."529 views4 commentsPrefectFeb 14, 2009
Kingsgate Terminus905 viewsAfter Kingsgate had been desecrated into Citygate.
Martin Powell
2 commentsPrefectFeb 14, 2009
Gharry at Balluta305 viewsMartin PowellPrefectFeb 14, 2009
Nevasa356 viewsBuilt 1955 as troopship. 1962 Laid up Falmouth. 1965 School Cruises. 1975 Scrapped Taiwan.PrefectFeb 04, 2009
Troopship Empire Parkeston464 viewsOff Malta c 1956
©Rex Cooper
1930 PRINCE HENRY, Canadian National Steamships. 1937 NORTH STAR, Clark SS Co, Quebec.
1940 H.M.C.S. PRINCE HENRY, auxiliary cruiser. 1946 EMPIRE PARKESTON, M.O.T troopship. 1962 Scrapped La Spezia
PrefectJan 28, 2009
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