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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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Empire Shelter 1949248 viewsCastle Class Corvette (Barnard Castle), completed as Rescue Ship and later used as Army Transport.PrefectNov 29, 2014
Empire Peacemaker 1949256 viewsCastle Class Corvette (Scarborough Castle), completed as Rescue Ship and later used as Army Transport.PrefectNov 29, 2014
Empire Lifeguard 1948237 viewsCastle Class Corvette (Maiden Castle), completed as Rescue Ship and later used as Army Transport.PrefectNov 29, 2014
Empire Comfort 1948247 viewsCastle Class Corvette (York Castle), completed as Rescue Ship and later used as Army Transport.PrefectNov 29, 2014
Britannia "Canopus"265 viewsThis aircraft took a lot of us to Malta. It was the very one I flew on in 1970 to get to the island. In fact this picture was taken in 1970 so there is a possibility that we were on board at the time! We spent time on arrival at Hal Far while we were taxied around choosing a quarter. We ended up in Peter Street in F'Gura to start with before moving to St George's' Street Paola, where we then lived in two flats; three homes in just over a year! fifla1973Nov 22, 2014
Dining-in Night265 viewsRecent posts about the Sergeant's Mess at RAF Luqa 2 Site reminded me of this photo. Unknown Warrant Officer on the left; centre is F/Sgt Ron Commons DFM, right is F/Sgt Hugh Grundy.IvanNov 21, 2014
LSL Sir Lancelot258 viewsUnder British India management prior to transferring to RFA in 1970.PrefectNov 18, 2014
RFA Fort Dunvegan346 viewsPhoto possibly 1948. Built as VSIS by Burrard Drydock in 1944. Managed Ellerman. Laid up 1946-8. RFA service from 1951 as store carrier and "flagship". Coronation Review in 1953 then Malta run until 1960 when she went Far East as AirSIS, reverting to NS/VSIS in 1961. Scrapped Kaohsiung 1968.2 commentsPrefectNov 13, 2014
LST Humphrey Gale 1956264 viewsFormerly HMS LST 3509.
Army LSTs.
PrefectNov 12, 2014
RASCV Snowden Smith 1948275 viewsFormerly HMS LST 3028.
Army LSTs.
PrefectNov 11, 2014
RFA Fort Duquesne 1951279 viewsWith early aviation facilities.PrefectNov 10, 2014
HMS Amethyst 1950274 viewsPrefectOct 28, 2014
RFA Plumleaf258 viewsPrefectOct 26, 2014
HMS Hampshire267 viewsPrefectSep 23, 2014
Lots of Naval Boats424 views2 commentsPrefectSep 17, 2014
HMS Stubborn249 viewsStubborn survived the Second World War and was sunk on 30 April 1946 as an ASDIC target off Malta.PrefectSep 17, 2014
HMS Sturdy 1952267 viewsPrefectSep 16, 2014
HMS Sentinel c1959348 viewsPassing HMS Eagle.PrefectSep 12, 2014
HMS Scorcher 1947338 views2 commentsPrefectSep 11, 2014
HMS Chieftain 1946279 viewsPrefectSep 09, 2014
HMS Cheviot 1946289 viewsPrefectSep 07, 2014
HMS Childers 1953306 viewsPrefectSep 03, 2014
HMS Chequers311 viewsNew in 1945.PrefectAug 30, 2014
HMS Grey Goose 1956286 viewsFormer Steam Gun Boat as a Gas Turbine Trials vessel.
PrefectAug 27, 2014
RFA Fort Charlotte 1947295 viewsPrefectAug 25, 2014
HMS Teredo 1948325 viewsLazaretto Creek, outboard of a destroyer alongside Forth.PrefectAug 11, 2014
Il Widna312 views Read all about it. Here on the map. PrefectAug 06, 2014
HMS Blyth © 277 viewsPrefectJul 05, 2014
FS Marne & HMS Blyth © 263 viewsLascaris Wharf this morning.PrefectJul 04, 2014
5 Subs & mother ship Cyclops575 views Not sure when, Late 50's? Do not recall any names or location?? Anyone help?1 commentsdeco.riseMay 24, 2014
CCY Tweedie-Walker471 viewsHi Folks,
Anyone remember my dad in Malta in the 50s and then the 60s. 25 plus years service full time in the RN then after RNR. CCY Russell Manley Tweedie-Walker. Still have Pewter mug 1971 St Angelo Snrs mess I presume leaving present. I was at school in Malta from 67-70 don't remember where as all photos paper work etc lost during a flood in Scotland. My father crossed the line before I got to ask him many questions. But proud of him as all service personnel that dedicated life to Queen and country. I remember only doing swimming in rock pool for certificate, with sea urchins etc and prunes,warm milk.recorder and guitar lessons. I was 6 yrs old at the time in malta and remember being upset at not going to RN school but mixed school. Remember the pastor with the adams apple though.
iaintwMay 21, 2014
HMS Caprice376 viewsAnd Città Di Tunisi.PrefectApr 30, 2014
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