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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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Len Moscrop and Cathy Stephenson Kalafrana 19731125 viewsThis was taken in July 1973 at the Sgt's mess part of Kalafrana beach club. Amazing that there were Officers' , Sgts' and other ranks' beaches. My Dad was a corporal, my best mate's Dad was a Flt Sgt and our Girlfriends' Dads were officers and believe it or not I was asked to leave the Sgt's' beach because of the rank of my Dad; no wonder I am a socialist!7 commentsfifla197303/04/18 at 12:08Chris Howells: Off topic again like Ivan! Ivan what squadron was ...
Dunera 1967 Singalong1052 viewsChris Fairwood1 commentsPrefect11/28/17 at 16:45Chris Howells: I may be in here somewhere.
Girls Hockey Team 1965-66922 viewsGaynor Hamley, Elizabeth Forrester, Sally Rathmell, Sarah Jeffries,
Robina Hopkinson, Pat Elliot, Kitty Chaytor, Alicia Eichmann, Helen Rourke, Anne Gardiner, Sadie Lendrum, Betty Elliott, Angela Radley.
1 commentsDugmore11/28/17 at 16:27Chris Howells: Was Alicia related to Eddie Eichmann?
Melleiha 1964878 viewsMy brother and sister. Tony went to Maidstone Grammar School and Gwyneth to Luqa Primary.2 commentsChris Howells11/26/17 at 17:40Chris Howells: My sister, Gwyneth, sadly passed away this year. I...
The Coast Road © 460 viewsthrough Bahar ic Caghaq is being dualled.1 commentsPrefect09/10/14 at 20:46Chris Howells: I tried walking up there last Saturday (06.09.2014...
Luqa 1946 - 48651 viewsMosquitos, Spitfire, Martinets.
©Anita Sackett
2 commentsPrefect04/23/14 at 15:12Chris Howells: I am not sure if they are Skuas, the nose doesn�...
Staff Reunion608 views1 commentsPrefect04/21/14 at 15:06Chris Howells: I think Eddie was my Form teacher 1966-67 in 3B
RFA Olna420 views©Chris Howell Collection4 commentsPrefect03/29/14 at 15:44Chris Howells: Sigh!
RFA Olna420 views©Chris Howell Collection4 commentsPrefect02/01/14 at 14:37Chris Howells: No relation!
TH and RAF Luqa1102 views4 commentsbernardhoctor 06/12/13 at 15:10Chris Howells: I just remember running down the lane/track that g...
Msida Creek 1960s ©687 viewsWith HMS Miner VI at the Torpedo Depot.1 commentsPrefect10/13/12 at 14:26Chris Howells: Just as I remember the creek during my days there
Ta'Xbiex 1960s753 viewsFrom a 1965 Calendar.5 commentsMartin Powell10/06/12 at 15:28Chris Howells: Surely this is around the corner from Ta'Xbie...
Fort Ricasoli 1996485 views2 commentsMartin Powell10/06/12 at 15:23Chris Howells: I have a picture of my late Mother at these gates ...
Buses, Valletta terminus ©592 viewsJust found this! This, believe or not, was taken in the Summer of 60 or 61
Looks contemporary.
3 commentsdeco.rise10/03/12 at 09:50Chris Howells: Just how I rememebr it from 64-67
1965 L6A (2 of 4)820 viewsJohn Moore, Paul Jenner, Nigel Vaughan, John Saddler.2 commentsNigel05/19/12 at 14:02Chris Howells: Did Paul Jenner have a younger sister?
Tal Handaq in its prime1198 viewsAs a change from those awful bulldozer shots.
Anyone guess the date? From the trees and gardens, it seems to be after my time.
3 commentsPrefect05/19/12 at 13:45Chris Howells: Too many cars for it to have been during my time
Shackletons 1964666 viewsNew link to Pathe newsreel Malta Independent added HERE
Lots of RAF photos HERE
2 commentsPrefect03/03/12 at 14:12Chris Howells: MR2s
Luqa Air Scout camp: Gannet patrol tent695 views4 commentsChris Howells02/09/12 at 11:56Chris Howells: I remember a camp at Ta Kali, easter 1967? I have ...
Tal Handaqians in Athens 1966984 viewsThe guys are amazed at a Greek guard in Athens.That is assuming my memory is correct about where this was! I am sure it was during the Devonia cruise of 1966 that included Delphi, Athens, Istanbul and Rhodes. The following year was Crete, Izmir (Ephesus), Lebanon and Haifa, in Dunera. I must dig out the slides I took that year!1 commentsChris Howells02/05/12 at 17:35Chris Howells: Is there a Chris Willman in this one?
Gozo trip 19701050 viewsLeft front to back: Dom Busuttil Rivers , Dom Wujastyk (rear view), Joe Vincenti, Dave Shepherd (Exile).
Right f-b: Martin Lawrence, Caroline Cary (Porridge), Adrian Worley, Diane Lawrence, Eddie Eichmann
12 commentsMartin Powell02/02/12 at 15:49Chris Howells: I'm sure I remember Eddie, Joe is a certainty...
Football 1969644 views Philip Smith on the left & Roy Aldworth?2 commentsPrefect01/13/12 at 14:09Chris Howells: Cheap hotel shorts?
TH and RAF Luqa1102 views4 commentsbernardhoctor 01/13/12 at 13:06Chris Howells: When was this taken? Looks very early, 50's?
Yes it is a Maltese bus ©349 viewsMarsaxlokk 20071 commentsPrefect01/13/12 at 11:59Chris Howells: Bloody hell, sleeping policemen get every where!
Msida Creek545 viewsVacated by the Navy but not yet filled with yachts. Late 60s - early 1970s?1 commentsPrefect12/23/11 at 16:14Chris Howells: Could be late 60's. We were at St Nicholas fl...
Farsons New Brewery737 viewsAt Mriehel, opened 1950.1 commentsPrefect12/23/11 at 16:07Chris Howells: Omi gosh the number of times we went passed that.
Handley Page Hastings497 views3 commentsPrefect12/20/11 at 07:17Chris Howells: True! We went home on that trip in an Argosy via I...
Small twin Prop - Luqa about 1960782 viewsDon't recognise aircraft or occasion4 commentsdeco.rise12/19/11 at 06:59Chris Howells: I take issue with you there, judging by the colour...
Handley Page Hastings497 views3 commentsPrefect12/14/11 at 16:02Chris Howells: Bloody noisy things to be a passenger in! I was on...
Pauline Bale & Ray Hart1175 viewsAt Tigne.2 commentsPrefect12/14/11 at 15:45Chris Howells: I just remember ll the 'bombing' we used...
HMS Cossack 1939500 viewsFamed for the Altmark Incident.2 commentsPrefect11/02/11 at 05:06Chris Howells: Do I see Spanish Neutrality colours on 'B...
HMS Barham 1938-9592 viewsIn glorious technicolour.
Spanish Civil War neutrality markings.
3 commentsPrefect11/02/11 at 05:04Chris Howells: She was, sadly, lost at Matapan wasn't she? ...
Commander George Coupe557 viewsDeputy Head 1965 - 19682 commentsPrefect10/08/11 at 15:54Chris Howells: Anyone know what has happened to George? In fact w...
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