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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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Aerial view Manoel Is, Valletta and old Tigne.453 views1980s postcard.3 commentsadmin04/21/18 at 17:05Nick Woodley: I think its after 1967 as the city gate does not l...
Plevna Hotel, Then & Now.568 viewsHughes Hallett Street, Tigne.
Named after Colonel Henry or The Captain?
2 commentsPrefect03/15/17 at 17:04Nick Woodley: We stayed in the Plevna for about a month in Nov 1...
Octopus ©328 viewsIn Mellieha Bay. Wiki1 commentsPrefect11/06/15 at 16:47Nick Woodley: Wondered where I had left it.
Customs House Steps629 views2 commentsPrefect04/24/15 at 17:07Nick Woodley: Do we know what year and what the ships names are?
Tigne Barracks - Football540 viewsPostcard6 commentsPrefect12/22/14 at 16:48Nick Woodley: Right of picture. Is that a Ministry of silly walk...
Model of new City Gate515 viewsShowing some planned use for the railway tunnel.4 commentsPrefect05/29/14 at 14:31Nick Woodley: What a surprise !!! Something in Malta not going t...
A Twist of Sand621 viewsWho else from Tal Handaq, apart from Aiden Monpalao di Piro and myself (Brian Gunns), were extras in this film filmed at Rinella Film Studios in 1966/67(??)?
(See yourselves on YouTube.)
2 commentsBrian Gunns10/03/13 at 11:18Nick Woodley: This is a brilliant film to watch on a winter Sund...
HMS Ark Royal473 viewsPaying off for the last time 16 November 1978.2 commentsPrefect12/12/12 at 12:05Nick Woodley: I think you should review "Ditto". It no...
The price of fags in 1963577 viewsTaken from this programme.2 commentsPrefect08/08/12 at 10:56Nick Woodley: 1970. My first ship. 200 bensons 10/4d. Duty free....
Ouch!510 viewsThe Tritons Fountain was damaged in 1978 by staging erected for a political event.
Not repaired until 1987.
1 commentsPrefect07/16/12 at 06:54Nick Woodley: Well, you can't rush these things.
New Barrakka Lift ©759 viewsDue to open next year.4 commentsPrefect07/09/12 at 10:08Nick Woodley: Used the old lift many times, mainly up. Think it ...
HMS Victorious 1958619 views2 commentsPrefect02/13/12 at 10:56Nick Woodley: Are the tugs Expert and Director?
A boat Grand Harbour697 viewsTaken from the deck of Devonia as she was leaving G.H. for the 1966 T.H. school cruise. We were on our way to Libya to pick up some American kids. So pre-Gaddafi when El Adem was still operational.10 commentsChris Howells01/03/12 at 07:25Nick Woodley: Director and Expert were in Malta at least until s...
Swimming Sports 21268 viewsLesley Cole7 commentsPrefect11/30/11 at 05:40Nick Woodley: You did'nt actually swim in Grand harbour, yo...
TH c2006532 viewsWith Tennis/Netball Courts flattened for new building.
See alternative numbering system and another site layout plan here., courtesy Bruce Williams.
6 commentsMalcolm Booth 10/27/11 at 13:37Nick Woodley: In mid 60's the buses entered and left via th...
RFA Bacchus 1938491 views7 commentsPrefect10/10/11 at 12:40Nick Woodley: .... and after a few cans of Tiger, the wind was a...
RFA Bacchus 1938491 views7 commentsPrefect10/10/11 at 09:20Nick Woodley: Engine room, you are making black smoke.
Dock Gard Creck660 viewsPostcard. Dromedary Class tug probably Restive.3 commentsPrefect09/21/11 at 11:24Nick Woodley: must have lost something in the translation.
HMS Kemerton 1962667 views5 commentsPrefect09/05/11 at 14:38Nick Woodley: I think I went to sea cadets in that building in 1...
Quinquireme of Nineveh? ©543 views2 commentsPrefect07/18/11 at 14:26Nick Woodley: It's an aeroplane. It's got a pilot. Sor...
Roman Baths at Ghajn Tuffieha863 viewsClosed, overgrown and no sign of any conservation, so was unable to do a comparison with this.4 commentsPrefect07/05/11 at 05:33Nick Woodley: I was here in Jan 2007 and it was awaiting conserv...
RFA Maine (3)538 viewsPassing Tigne in the 1920s.3 commentsPrefect06/14/11 at 11:41Nick Woodley: Do you mean the back sticky up thing, near the blu...
HMS Victorious 1967606 views5 commentsMartin Powell06/01/11 at 13:19Nick Woodley: Back in the days when an aircraft carrier actually...
Hagar Qim in Sept. 2010, now with a protective 'hat'!441 views4 commentsOldBat02/16/11 at 12:49Nick Woodley: (In my day(1964-67) it was free to go in.)

Prefect & Mum 1959621 viewsContinuing the archaeological thread, this is at some ancient site, probably the Roman Baths, Ghajn Tuffieha.
Don't I look fascinated?
4 commentsPrefect02/16/11 at 11:41Nick Woodley: You also appear to have very dirty knees.
Tower Road925 viewsOn a Sunday Afternoon?2 commentsPrefect09/21/10 at 12:39Nick Woodley: That bus seems to be going the wrong way
............597 views ©2 commentsPrefect08/05/10 at 13:46Nick Woodley: Looks like a palm tree to me
Sheer Bastion (and Mrs Prefect) 2008518 views10 commentsPrefect08/04/10 at 12:51Nick Woodley: The tugs were Expert and Director. Director was pa...
Dghajsa Trade Revival?491 views2 commentsPrefect08/04/10 at 12:46Nick Woodley: Yes it is, but a shadow of its former self
Sheer Bastion (and Mrs Prefect) 2008518 views10 commentsPrefect08/04/10 at 09:15Nick Woodley: My dad's office was in Sheer Bastion. As we l...
Tigne Beach 2009521 viewsAnother one for CH. 2 commentsMartin Powell08/04/10 at 08:44Nick Woodley: Tigne beach was the reason(one of) why I failed al...
Still on the Beach 1952417 viewsPhill Rose2 commentsPrefect08/04/10 at 08:38Nick Woodley: Did people actually wear ties on the beach?
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