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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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394 views... some destinations are confusing. ©2 commentsPrefect12/22/12 at 01:31Ivan: I saw this bus whilst staying at the Phoenicia in ...
1194 viewsMargaret Macdougal, Ann Dennison, Brian Jackson, Allison Bigden, Moya Graham. I think at Delimara.1 commentsabigden12/16/12 at 05:27Ivan: I believe second from the right is Ann Dennison.
Henry Hitchcott507 viewsChemistry
Nelle Grace
1 commentsPrefect02/01/11 at 16:30Ivan: A fine man.
Prefects 19661038 viewsNot many compared with 1960. The run down has started.4 commentsPrefect02/01/11 at 15:24Ivan: Front row, 2nd from right - Moya Graham, surely......
A break from Chemistry717 viewsDave Howell
Coffee break outside the Chemistry block. Water boiled over bunsen burners...happy days. L-R Mick Adams drinking out of a beaker, ?,?, Phil Gilbody, ?, Derek Spafford (behind the enamel mug) ?. Wendy Coupe seated, Sonia Aldworth (nee Orsman), ?, and Mr Hitchcott behind the dark glasses. I'm behind the camera
1 commentsPrefect02/01/11 at 15:21Ivan: Do you remember the inspiration that was Mr Hitchc...
Tigne Beach1769 views14 commentsbernardhoctor 02/01/11 at 15:15Ivan: Having been back to Malta since the Brits left and...
School v Staff 19631016 views Let Battle Commence!3 commentsTex Brown 02/01/11 at 15:09Ivan: Blond youth on back row - Mike Gilham
1965 L6A (1 of 4)931 viewsJohn Atherton, ?, John Noble, Mike (Smiley) Jamieson front and centre, ?, ?, ?.
Correction - John Saddler, Geoff Milton, John Moore (aka "Flash"), Graham ?, Nigel Vaughan, Paul Jenner; centre is Steve Commons.
4 commentsNigel02/01/11 at 15:06Ivan: Caption is wrong. From the left - John Saddler, G...
1965 L6A (2 of 4)818 viewsJohn Moore, Paul Jenner, Nigel Vaughan, John Saddler.2 commentsNigel02/01/11 at 14:59Ivan: Caption is wrong. From the left - John Moore, Paul...
1965 L6A (4 of 4)778 viewsJohn Noble on left, Mike (Smiley) Jamieson on right, you know who you are in the middle.
Correction - Left is John Moore. Right is Steve Commons. Centre Nigel Vaughan
1 commentsNigel02/01/11 at 14:57Ivan: Caption is wrong. Left is John Moore. Right is Ste...
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