Tal-Handaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

On this day 2003 - singer Robert Allen Palmer b.19 January 1949 – d.26 September 2003111 viewsRobert mainly lived in Malta from 1950 to 1961 (age 1-12). His father was RN (Dingli) and Robert went to Verdala and/or Tal-Handaq (exact dates are unkown).
He mentions his time in Malta briefly HERE (wind forward 15 mins) and in other youtube interviews.
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Paul Pond aka Paul Jones1241 viewsI gave a copy of the 1957 Pirates photo (click blue link) to Paul at a concert - this is the back now signed by Paul - he had not seen it since 1957. He told me that although his brother Nigel aka Peter went to Tal Handaq he (Paul) remained in Portsmouth and only came out to Malta during the holidays. He did remember Joy!derrick calver
Schools I have known - including TH2105 viewsMemoir by Albert Fenech 1950s (click blue name)

Eagle Aviation Dakota - Blackbushe to Luqa3253 views1956

"The plane took off from Blackbushe and climbed to 10,000 feet which was its cruising height, but the flight to Nice was terrible, there were storms all the way, and apart from flying upside down the aeroplane was being buffeted all the way. Flying at 10,000 feet meant that if you hit an air pocket, the aircraft would drop almost 2,000 feet. The poor flight attendant Miss Bolton went through the aircraft picking up sick bags, the only person not sick was Kelvin, the only one on the aircraft able to eat his inflight meal and drink his tea, he even sucked on a sweet for landing so that his ears would not be painful. Then the aircraft made a perfect landing at Nice and all the passengers got off. Kelvin bless his cotton socks called 'Bboobb' at the top of the landing steps, and like a good boy he covered every step in inflight meal, crisps, cup of tea and the sweet. The French ground crew were not happy and said so."

Read Mike Palmer's memoirs by instalment here - The Old Sea Dog

NB- The link will take you to the latest chapter. To start from the beginning (posted 17 Oct 2020) keep clicking on "More Posts" at the bottom of his page.

Be sure to tune in regularly to Mike's blog for the latest in nostalgia (and to leave an appreciative comment).
Cdr Miles and HRH Princess Elizabeth 194914376 viewsInstructor Captain A. H. Miles, C.B.E.

Captain and Mrs. Miles left Malta on llth May 1958 after an association with the school since 1934.

Captain Miles was on the staff from 1934 to 1940 when the RN school was at Verdala. After the war he re-opened the school in two houses at Ta'Xbiex; supervised the move to Tal Handaq in 1946; re-started the primary school at Verdala in 1949, and remained as Headmaster until January 1951, by when the school had reached 1,000 pupils. Mrs. Miles was Secretary of the school from 1946 to 1952.

As Fleet Instructor Officer, Captain Miles was then Chairman of the Committee for Malta Service Children's Schools from 1953.

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My Mum overlooking Mellieha Bay 195813565 viewsUnspoilt view.1 commentsvalerie easter/snowdon/
Me April 19592345 views...but does anyone know where this is?1 commentsvalerie easter/snowdon/
Me in Maroni Street Gzira on the roof 1959858 views1 commentsvalerie easter/snowdon/
Dingli cliffs 1958712 viewsvalerie easter/snowdon/
Chadwick Lakes 1958636 views1 commentsvalerie easter/snowdon/
Baileys' tennis team at Marsa 1959793 viewsMe in the striped dressvalerie easter/snowdon/
Dingli Wireless Station February 1960637 viewsWhere my Dad workedvalerie easter/snowdon/
The new Triton Fountain 1959575 views1 commentsvalerie easter/snowdon/
The Newman Family 1958717 viewsHeather middle left and Tony went to Tal Handaqvalerie easter/snowdon/
Sliema Creek 1958617 views1 commentsvalerie easter/snowdon/
HMS Forth at Christmas 1958619 views1 commentsvalerie easter/snowdon/
HMS Eagle 1958657 viewsLeaving Grand harbour for Cyprusvalerie easter/snowdon/
HMS Daring 1958453 viewsvalerie easter/snowdon/
Gnejna Bay 1958509 viewsvalerie easter/snowdon/
Pieta 1958745 viewsLooks like an RFA ship.4 commentsvalerie easter/snowdon/
Paradise Bay 1958 752 viewsAbove Paradise Bay with the gang 1958. L-R Sheila Weekes, Cliff Payne, Freda Payne's brother, Margaret Polkinghorne, Me, and Ronnie Fenech whose uncle used to drive the bus. He now lives in Winchester!!! He is my FB friend.2 commentsvalerie easter/snowdon/
Marsaloxkk658 viewsMe with friends at Marsaloxkk 1958valerie easter/snowdon/
Which school?688 viewsDoes anyone know which school and where this could have been taken ?1 commentsLindab
School uniform 714 viewsIs this the school uniform ? It was taken in 1951. I am trying to find out what RNS my sister Betty (Elizabeth) Blakelock attended 1 commentsLindab
Golden Bay700 viewsThe Toms family and friends at Golden Bay 1954Podge
Summer 1954706 viewsRoger Toms with 2nd Sliema Scouts 1954 names required1 commentsPodge
Malta '54671 viewsRoger Toms with David ? At the Marsa club.1 commentsPodge
594 viewsMyself standing with David ? At the Marsa club.1 commentsPodge
Mike Lyman 1957 - 1960808 viewsPrefect
Peter Sheldrake & Barry Horder 1109 views Tal Handak Sports Day, Wednesday 21st May 1952 at Manoel Island.1 commentsPrefect
Heather Marriott and John Clark770 viewsSt Julian's c 1953.
Photo from the late John Clark.
David Chambers - Neil Atkinson - Bruce Williams974 views At Robb Lido 1958.Prefect
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