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Tal-Ħandaq Nostalgia

Memories of the Royal Naval School, Malta, 1947 - 1978.

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Suggestions for ship names welcome.....253 viewsSC-UKApr 20, 2016
Suggestions for ship names welcome..... 230 viewsSC-UKApr 20, 2016
Three cheers243 viewsSuggestions for ship names welcome..... SC-UKApr 20, 2016
Destroyers in line ahead escorting Britannia223 viewsSuggestions for ship names welcome..... SC-UKApr 20, 2016
Land ho !239 viewsA future Royal sailor

Sorry for camera shake
SC-UKApr 20, 2016
A perfect gentleman215 viewsPrince Charles gives his sister Princess Anne a helping hand as they leave the Hotel PhoeniciaSC-UKApr 20, 2016
Philip and Louis play polo232 viewsCharles and Anne accompanied the Queen to watch their father play polo at the Marsa polo ground. HRH played for the Navy team against the Army for the Rundle Cup and scored once.

HM presented the Cup to Admiral Mountbatten and trophies to the other seven players.
SC-UKApr 20, 2016
En route to the Marsa....222 views....to watch the polo match.SC-UKApr 20, 2016
Britannia Entering Grand Harbour208 viewsCopyright © Lesley Cole

Tug Roysterer or Respond.
SC-UKApr 20, 2016
Investiture222 viewsHer Majesty held an Investiture at the Palace where 19 recipients were invested with their awards.SC-UKApr 20, 2016
Off-duty moment222 viewsNo handbag?SC-UKApr 20, 2016
In civvies221 viewsWhither away? Photos of all official trips ashore have HRH in uniform.SC-UKApr 20, 2016
219 viewsSC-UKApr 20, 2016
200 viewsSC-UKApr 20, 2016
206 viewsSC-UKApr 20, 2016
198 viewsSC-UKApr 20, 2016
Britannia2C__Glasgow2C_Bermuda___Gambia.jpg195 viewsSC-UKApr 20, 2016
brit54.jpg200 viewsSC-UKApr 20, 2016
HMS Galatea - 1978 - 357 viewsA PR shot found by Russ Palmer when clearing out one of the ships offices prior to going in to refit.SC-UKApr 17, 2016
School field, March 1970923 viewsAnother from Teri.

Back L-R Bruce Woodcock, Ros Cary, Rosanne Knox

Front: Janie Ireland, Rina Demby Tayar, Gillie Pike
adminMar 14, 2016
School field, March 1970893 viewsBruce Woodcock, Ros Cary, Teri Murray, Gillie Pike, Janie Ireland, Rina Demby Tayar

Photo : Teri Ahlmark
adminMar 14, 2016
Rear Admiral Loram Visit to RAF Luqa Primary School 1973674 views?? Capt Mike Law on right?KarlFeb 24, 2016
RAF Luqa Primary School Oct 1973 pupils assembled543 viewsHarvest Festival Service 23 October 1973 with Rear-Admiral David Loram and staff in attendance.KarlFeb 24, 2016
RAF Luqa Primary School430 viewsSchool visit on 9 Feb 1973 by Controller of SCEA Group Captain Angus McIntosh, accompanied by Captain Brierley.
Who is the teacher on the left? Gordon Partridge (Headmaster) on right.
KarlFeb 24, 2016
RAF Luqa Primary School children 1972-73614 viewsTaken by my Father, Gordon Partridge, who was then Headmaster.KarlFeb 24, 2016
David Michael Gerrard 1946-2016 (aka Prefect)1624 viewsMy very very sad task to report David's passing on Sunday 17 January. THN Webmaster, Scholar, Sea Captain, Falklands Veteran, Friend and all round Good Bloke, he has gone to stand at the back of the big Assembly in the sky (or is it Detention?). Sahha xbien.

Dave seen here in his role as honorary member of TH ladies-who-lunch (Exeter) club, Sept 2015.

Funeral to take place at 3pm Tuesday 2nd Feb, Weston Mill Crematorium, Plymouth PL2 2EP (easy access from A38).

Please feel free to write tributes below, they can be printed out for the day.
9 commentsMartin PowellJan 21, 2016
Ark Royal 1955496 viewsWhen new.PrefectJan 13, 2016
Fomm ir-Riħ539 viewsPrefectDec 18, 2015
Branching Out402 viewsGerri's Party Shop has opened a new branch in Birkirkara.PrefectDec 15, 2015
TH from across the valley451 viewsPrefectDec 08, 2015
St Oswald's Mtarfa.409 viewsAs the British left Malta, St. Oswald’s chapel, which was the chapel of the military hospital, became the parish church of Mtarfa and is dedicated to Saint Lucy. It was declared an Autonomous Pastoral Zone on 19th April 2000.PrefectDec 06, 2015
Spinola 1870688 viewsThe statue of St Julian is still there.PrefectDec 05, 2015
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